You have to take in consideration where they are calling from

My dd lives in CA and makes over double what dh makes, and can barely pay her mortgage because of the high cost of living. We too are WELL below the $100K per year mark, but we have a lot more than a lot of folks—and the debt to prove it (although we’ve killed over half of it so far and it’s now going down FAST).
Something I also note when listening to VV is a lot of them have a lot less debt than we started out with—long story let’s just say that all things (including the two mortgages it was over $310,000 when we started in 2009) and it is taking them as long or longer than us to kill it with their higher salaries and we had 18 months of unemployment! So don’t let the podcasts get to you. Just listen to the debt free screams and KNOW that it will be you some day. Have any doubts, just ask Keisha, who will be screaming on the radio for us come May (although she is already debt free INCLUDING her house—YEAH Keisha!).