So you may remember my fiasco with the van from last week

My comment was about the importance of an emergency fund. Well the van got fixed….free fix even. So here is part 2.
Last night my son and his friends were playing tag in the back yard…in the DARK! My hubby was out there with them. There’s a knock at the back door and my oldest tells me that my youngest is bleeding. Long story short, he collided with another kid and blood was gushing out his nose. No lacerations thankfully. When the bleeding stops I see clear fluid coming out. Call the advice nurse (really for just do’s and don’ts) and she has he needs to be seen. Clear fluid coming out can be a bad sign. So it was off to ER we went (it was 9:20pm). Thankfully he is fine, no reason for alarm. MD just thinks the impact was so hard that it made his nose run. But she said it was a good thing to bring him in and get his looked at.
We have pretty good health insurance (thank God) but the emergency fund will come in handy to pay the co-insurance. We have to pay 10% of the visit. I don’t think we even have a ER copay. Guess we will find out.