I’m glad the idea works for you too, Christine

I hate taking money from the emergency account, especially for something like an overjealous stock up trip at Sam’s Club or buying a bunch of winter clothing for next year at a wonderful close out yet not having the money in the weekly budget for those expenses. It seems like every 2.5 months or so, we go to Sam’s and stock up on office supplies and things like batteries and a bunch of frozen food items, and it isn’t as if you can walk out of the place with less than a $200 bill. Two years ago, we walked into a Toys R Us towards the end of July and they had the best deals on toys. If I recall, wonderful toys were somewhere between 75% – 90% off. This were unadvertised, clearance items we assumed they were trying to move to make room for the new items for the upcoming Chrismas push. We bought hundreds of dollars worth of toys for Toys for Tots and we were thrilled with our purchases. We transferred money from the oopsie account to cover this large purchase, and this allowed us to then transfer the money from our ING savings account that we keep just for this occasion. The three day transfer lag wasn’t a big deal because we were just putting that ING money back into the oopsie account. It really is a nice thing to have some extra immediate funds on the side to take advantage of some unexpected, nonemergencey expenses.