Maybe you need to break your budget down week by week

I do both our home and our business budget each Friday for the following week. I will (God willing) have carryovers in each account from week to week. When I have a large excessive amount, I throw that into whatever ING/Capital One account I feel I want to at the time. I have a lot of our funds autodrafted weekly out of our checking account to fund a variety of ING/Capital One subsavings accounts we have. Out of sight, out of mind is a good thing for us, and that’s why these autodrafts work so well for my husband and me. I also keep an oopsie account that’s linked to our checking account. If I have a miscalculation one week, I can always transfer money over from the oopsie account. I don’t think I would think about potential raises, either. If you do get one, use that money to first fund your oopsie account to a comfortable level (for me, it’s $500). This account is separate from my Step 1 emergency account. This is to cover something like a bigger shopping trip than normal because of some super low sale prices on food or clothing or a bigger utility bill than normal or a lot of extra driving one week and gas prices are a lot higher than usual. You know what I mean…Nothing that’s an emergency, but I do need money to cover these things. I would then use that raise money to throw at the Baby Steps. I wouldn’t plan on using it to live on, since you’re already accustomed to not having it.