I agree

For us it was a long road, 5 1/2 years to pay off all the debt. I made smaller goals along the way. Talked to this group when things were good and when things were bad. There was always someone with a kind word or a kick in the butt.

That is great news

I just started the budget….again. I like the way it looks on paper, it will work. Its when I get the pay checks that it all seems to fall apart for me/us. I just sat down this morning and tweeked it, and I just now thought of the kids monthly food bill that I left off. I know I have to tweek it once in a while and then again most generally every year when school starts around the second month bc that is when we know how much of a raise we get and exactly how much our pay checks are going to be. I need to stay focused through out too…just not sure exactly how to do it. Any advice would be helpful. I’m going to try my best, my hardest to stick to the budget this time. I/We have to…we don’t have any choice. Besides I don’t want to be working when I’m 75 years old. I want to enjoy my retirement 🙂

I was signing up with Mint, but it came up and told me that my bank (a credit union) is not supported through Mint. I need to ask my bank about it. Not sure what to do. I think I would like it from what I see and from the advice that I’m getting from this blog.