Being on this list, talking to other folks on the BB path

coming up with fun little contests that challenge our ability to improve on what we’re doing, focusing on a goal that I really Really REALLY want, and commiserating here when I feel temptation’s pull, hopefully before I get pulled too far. This sense of community (and benevolent peer pressure) has kept me on the straight and narrow for the last 18 months.

One of the fun, but unexpected things which has come up in the last few months or so, is that the word “when” is creeping into our vocabulary. Such as “when we are finally out of debt, we’ll be able to go do such-and-such”. And “when we finally pay off the house, we’ll be in a good position to go this-n-that”. It’s like our subconscious selves are finally on board with what our conscious minds are trying to accomplish. Just the other day I was cleaning house (a rarity for us) and it was a moment when I was done with one room and moving to the next. I looked up and “saw” the house – the whole of it, the structure of it, the soundness of it (she ain’t pretty, but she’s solid), and I thought “in less than five years, we’ll own this place outright. Wow.” I just stood there a moment, soaking in that idea. Then I got back to my vacuuming. That’s what keeps my gazelle going.